Why There is a Need for World Development

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Why There is a Need for World Development

In this section of my coursework I will research and evaluate the need

for world development. By doing this I will look at inequality in the

world, and who, if anyone, is to blame. I need to look at why

different countries are at different stages of development and why.

Countries are now splint into two groups, MEDCs and LEDCs, however in

the 1950s countries were either 1st world, 2nd world or 3rd world

countries, which meant developed, developing and less developed. This

was changed when people began to realise that some countries were

developed in some aspects but not in others, and that no country was

or ever would be fully developed. 1st world countries such as North

America and England are 2 of the most developed countries and are

plagued with poverty, homelessness and racism. This shows that even in

the highest ranked MEDCs development still needs to be made. 2nd world

countries are gradually becoming richer and although they are not as

rich as Western countries they may not be poverty stricken as 3rd

world countries. A good example of this is Brazil - some parts of the

country are rich in natural resources and industry but right next to

it will be a poor shantytown besieged with disease.

Certain factors hinder progress in 3rd world countries development,

such as lack of education, although this may not sound as bad as

hunger disease and homelessness it can be the root of these and many

other problems. There are many reasons why some countries cannot have

easily available education; it could be due to damage from wars, or

just the cost for the country or the parents who have to pay for their

child's or their own education.

These are two major examples where lack of education is a big problem

in third world countries: in Bosnia the three main universities have

all been destroyed, this costs peoples jobs and these jobs may have

been nurses, doctors, teachers and other key careers; in Pakistan
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