Why The Public School System Has Evolved Over The Years.

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In order for school leaders to be effective administrators in today’s schools there are many events within the history of American education they need to know. It is important, as a leader, to know how the public school system has evolved over the years. Effective administrators need to understand laws that have been put in place and the reasons why. They also need to know the history behind early childhood education and secondary education to understand why things vary between the two. Leaders need to also understand and the history and experiences of the diverse cultures within their schools. Understanding the history of the laws that are in today’s school system is just as important as knowing the actual laws. For example, how did we come to have a law about student’s attendance at school? In today’s school system, the state of Texas has a Compulsory Attendance Law. According to the website, Attendance Requirements in Texas Schools (2014), this law requires school age children to attend school each day that instruction is provided. Both the child and parent are held responsible for absences and if absences are excessive, parents could be criminally charged or fined. As a leader it is important to understand the basis of school laws. In 1642, the Massachusetts Bay Colony General Court enacted a law that required parents and guardians of children to attend to their dependents’ ability to read and to understand the principles of religion and the laws of the Commonwealth (p.10). This law would help the Puritans who were trying to find a way to educate all people so that they were better prepared to resist Satan’s temptations (Gutek, 2013, p. 10). Although this law required that every child have a basic education, it... ... middle of paper ... ... such as the Puritans and Thomas Jefferson helped to lay the ground-work for the laws that allow our schools to function on a day-to-day basis. The Colonial Period also contributed to the development of the secondary school system, both high school and college. It is important for leaders to understand how teacher preparation programs came into existence. It is also important for leaders to understanding kindergarten and why things are done a bit differently when compared to other grade levels. Educational leaders also need to understand that we have to educate the “whole child” in order to make a difference in their lives. Leaders also need to understand how multiculturalism and immigration has impacted education. In order for educational leaders to be successful, it is important that they understand the changes that have been made in education over the years.

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