Why The Political Failure Of The Reconstruction Era

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653 words

The American civil war marks the beginning of a new era in United States history. The civil war helped preserve the union and free the slaves. After the end of civil war, between 1865-1877, the nation faced big challenges to reconstruct the country and transform the southern states. Abraham Lincoln created the reconstruction plan, but when he was assassinated, the successor’s, Andrew Johnson and the Congress, adopted Lincoln's plan. Reconstruction was the period when the federal government restored and brought states to the union. During reconstruction era many goals were accomplished and leaders abilities were uncovered. Sadly however, reconstruction era came to an end by political, economical, and social problems causing it to fail as a whole. …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the american civil war marked the beginning of a new era in united states history.
  • Analyzes how the reconstruction plan was unachievable due to many political problems. the freedmen’s bureau was passed by congress to help former slaves and poor whites in the south.
  • Explains that sharecropping dominated agriculture industry in the north and south, resulting in poor people owning more land due to unfair labor contracts. crop-lien system kept people in debt leading to decline in agriculture economy.
  • Explains how social problems influenced the failure of the reconstruction plan. after being free of slavery, african american's goal was to achieve equality with the whites, but equal rights between races remained unsolved.
  • Explains that the reconstruction plan failed due to political, economic, and social problems. better planning and construction could have prevented these problems and prevented them.

The largest political failure of reconstruction era was to provide rights to the former slaves. Even with the thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth amendments passed by congress, there always was a way to somehow violate the law. Even with these laws southern states continued to mistreat the former slaves and defy the constitution. Another political failure turned out the be the Freedmen’s Bureau, which was passed by congress to help former slaves and poor whites in the south. The government promised the families those received freedom that they would receive forty acres of land to farm. However, land redistribution did not live up to distribute land to former slaves, but returned to those who owned the land before the civil war. These injustice decisions made reconstruction era a disaster and other similar problems existed in the overall political

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