Why The Bachelorette Is Ruining Our Lives

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Why the Bachelorette is Ruining Our Lives I think I’m actually physically cringing as I write this article because I love watching anything Bachelor/Bachelorette. That special feeling you get when you know Monday night viewing parties are just a few hours away; the excitement you feel when you’re tuning in to the most dramatic season of the bachelorette ever (every year); or even remembering there’s still ten beautifully manicured men to swoon over #ahh. Seeing all this sweetness sweep the Nation, I can’t help but feel like it’s giving us cavities while leaving a bad taste in our mouths at the same time. As unpopular and painful as it may be, I’ve taken it upon myself to gather together the top three reasons I believe the Bachelorette is ruining our lives. And hey, if you don’t agree with me, you don’t have to accept my rose. Unrealistic Visual Standards Look at these men. First of all, they all have the same haircuts like they were cloned from one person. Next, have you ever seen whiter teeth, clearer skin, or more ripped bodies than the ones on the Bachelorette? Sure, every onc...

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