Why Terrorists Attack the U.S.

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Why Terrorists Attack the U.S. Terrorism is the use of physical violence whether it be a threat or an actual act of aggression. They create a common surrounding of fear in a selected target of the population. This is done so that they may provoke some kind of political and/or social change. Since the terrorist attacks on September 11th 2001, there has been a lot of controversy on why terrorist attacks are so frequent in the United States. By doing some research I have found that there are several possible answers to this question. This paper will explore the possibilities and hopefully help America prevent future attacks. While researching this topic, it has come to my attention that the most common reason these attacks occur is that there are a large number of radical groups in the United States with anti-modern ideologies stemming from their extremist religious beliefs. Not only do the terrorists who believe in these religions "feel the need to preserve their religious identity, they also see this time as an opportunity to fundamentally shape the future"(Ranstorp). ...
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