Why Students Should Play Sports

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Many students play sports in high school. I used to play a couple of sports in my high school where I had fun with my friends and grew athletically. Nowadays, some schools have started canceling sports to improve student grades. According to the article "Texas District", "That 's exactly what 's happening in this small ranching community where the school district is taking desperate measures to prevent a state-mandated closure due to poor academics." Essentially, it is useless because students still don 't study in spite of the sports being cancelled. There are many players who did not study too much and went on to become great athletes in the world. For instance, Sachin Tendulkar, who failed tenth grade, became world 's number one player in cricket. If his school had stopped him from playing cricket, India would not have a cricketer such as him who set many records. There are many students who play sports and get good grades. Thus, schools may restrict the development of students by canceling sports. According to Jay and Daniel, "Research has found that schools that offer more sports and field more successful teams produce higher test scores and graduation rates. So, there is no reason to believe that schools that emphasize sports do so at the expense of other educational goals." Schools always take decisions, which they believe are helpful to the students, such as restricting sports. However, sometimes schools might be wrong because sports also help students refresh their minds, be healthy, have fun, etc. If students don 't play sports in schools, they may not enjoy their school lives and their studies as all work and no play make life dull and grey. Similarly, they need some refreshment from the study which they could get from ...

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... for them but also very important for their future. In addition, communication skills are the most important things in any field.
There are many students who don 't have enough money and want to study in top universities. In this case, athletic scholarships may help students to study. In addition, students also can get academic scholarships. If high schools cancel sports, how can students practice? If students don 't practice, they won 't be good athletes and might not get a good education. Eventually, USA is not going to get educated persons. Moreover, they might get fewer athletes and most people know how well USA performs in the Olympic. So there would be a couple of disadvantages of cancelling sports. First are less educated persons and second is less athletics. In addition, playing sports in school helps people to get good jobs.
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