Why Students Should Be Paid To Attend School?

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Students Should Be Paid to Attend School
School can be frustrating for students. Going to school, doing homework, and then repeating it all over again the next day can become quite tedious. Especially when one feels as if they are not gaining anything from doing well in school, it causes students to have very little motivation to complete their schoolwork. Students might be motivated if there was some sort of incentive for attending school and doing well at it. A law should be passed that requires students to be paid for doing well in school because it gives them motivation, helps them with financial issues, and allows them to learn how to manage money more effectively. Schools should pay their students for doing well in school because
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Many students in grade school don’t obtain money very often because they do not have a steady income, so they are prone to spend the money they get. For example, if a student gets money for a holiday, the first thing that comes to mind is to spend it on something they want because they are not used to having money. They don’t know the next time they will get more money so they don’t see the importance of saving. Since there would be a constant income a student will see the effect of saving because their amount of money would constantly be increasing which will motivate them to keep saving. If students learn how to save while they are younger they will be more successful in life, and they will also have that money to use when they graduate. In conclusion, students should be paid to do well in school because it has many benefits to the student. Those benefits include motivation to get good grades, the money would help the student financially, and the student would learn how to manage their money more effectively. School is a big part of every person’s life, so it should be more rewarding to the
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