Why Students Procrastinate

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Why Students Procrastinate in College

Procrastination- to put off or postpone something that needs to be done within a designated time, most cases opting to do something more pleasurable. Students can suffer detrimental consequences of procrastination. A few reasons for procrastination maybe fear of failure, poor time management, or Indecisiveness. According to FWU Journal of Social Science studies show that college students tend to procrastinate more than university students, results also show a significant difference between students under the age of 20 and that of those over the age of 20.

Students who tend to have a fear of failure will procrastinate because they feel that no matter how much they study or how much time they put into their project, their going to fail.When given an
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This type of procrastination is not only an academic issue but it may also be a life style habit. People will put off getting the job done because they simply "don 't have the time". Most adult 's have jobs and families, and may find it hard to manage work school and family, therefore they mismanage their time. By the end of the day they are not able to get to the work done. By telling themselves they will get to it tomorrow without setting a designated allotted time to complete the task at hand. Needless to say this can cause the task to either not get done or quickly get done without too much thought.

By developing good habits the student can designate an allotted time, keep track of their assignments or tasks by using a planner or reminder may help break the habit of procrastination. This type of academic procrastination can lead the student to fall behind in all classes. Failing to make time to read and or complete written assignments can cause the student to fall so far behind that they are unable to catch up. This may cause the student to drop out of class because they feel that they are too far behind to catch
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