Why Students Drop Out From College Essay

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The Reasons Why Students Drop Out From College “There are two different types of student (Simple sentence)”. “Students who go to college and keep going for what they want and to be a successful student, and others who attend college and never complete what they want to do (Compound sentence) “. "We know there are different rates between college graduates and how it is lower than high school graduates. There are many reasons why students drop out from college and never graduate, one of them is financial problems that students face during college, the second reason is low motivation that students have, and the third reason is failing classes.
The first reason why students drop out from college is the financial problems that students face during
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For example, low motivation comes from people around the person who lower their interest about college or anything. “Also, many students get affected by their friends who always have bad grades, and who dropout from school because they give up on it and they make other students do that too and not believe in themselves (Complex sentence)”. In addition, the low motivation could also come from the students parents who are not always supporting them and not encouraging them to do better in school, and that might be the reason students make their decision to have bad grades and dropout from college. Also, the stress could affect students too as they mention in “Peterson 's Blog” by Brian Pivik, “Going to college is stressful, there is no doubt about it. If you are just graduating high school, then the amount of coursework mixed with the personal life and new sense of independence will get to you. But the important part is that you learn how to cope and find ways to study”. This is the second reason why students never…show more content…
Many students did not have time to do their homework or study for their classes because they have jobs that take their time or other responsibilities. We know when someone fails his class or has bad grades, he is no longer interested in that class because he had gave up quickly and never tried again. Some students fail their classes repeatedly for example, in class tests or semester examinations. “After students being failed in his class, that will cause him to lack self confidence ,and that will make him drop the class (Compound-Complex)”. Also, many new college students enroll themselves in a specific degree program without even thinking about the choice they have made and how they will overcome it, and that cause them to fail their classes that they had been taking for their major. This is the other reason why students drop out of college and never
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