Why Students Are Addicted To Starbucks?

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Beginning the day with a cup of coffee has become a ritual for many college students. As a college freshmen, I found out that many students from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign were addicted to Starbucks. Most of them consumed two to three cups of coffee per day and spend an average of $16 - $25 dollars per week in Starbucks. This was at stake because students can be drown into debt because of their overspending in Starbucks. Also, drinking too much coffee can lead to stomach problems and other debilitating illnesses that cloud the mind and make the body sluggish. Therefore, I designed to conduct a research and find out why Starbucks are so attractive that caused students overspend their money. Based on the primary sources I had found, I believed the reasons that students overspend their money in Starbucks was because Starbucks provided a better environment to students, its drinks were pricy, and it was convenience.
As I walked past Green Street, I saw a long line of people waiting outside Starbucks. This doesn’t bother me because Starbucks has influenced our lives by becoming a daily visual, but it makes me wondered: what makes people wait so long for Starbucks. So I stopped and looked inside. I found out that people who involved in this activity are mostly students at the University of Illinois. Since this was related to both students’ health and financial problem. I want to find out why are students overspend their money in Starbucks. So I compared the interior design of Starbucks from the past with the present picture, I interviewed two students from the U of I; I conducted two surveys to collect data, and analyzed the letter from the CEO of Starbucks to support my research.
First source I had was the interview ...

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...res, and make coffee at home. Fourth, get some support by talking to your friends and ask for them to support you in this change. I believe most of them will step right up to the plate and help you. Students can also set a goal, such as no Starbucks for a week or month, and give yourself rewards for meeting them. Lastly, students can use part of the money they saved on something pleasant.

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