Why Stephen Covey?

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Why Stephen Covey?

The reason why I chose to read Steven Covey 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is because this book was recommended to me from my father. He first read the book for his job at RR Donnelley’s when he was a manager. The book was recommended to him from his boss.
My father knowing that I am pursuing a career in a management knew that I could benefit and receive helpful information from this book.
Dr. Covey’s books are known for being inspirational and influential for management. This book helps with personal development and personally I am at a point of my life where I am making a change from student to career professional. I will be able to use the principles and habits learned from the book in everyday life. Stephen Covey’s book is about learning ways for people to grow, make changes and how to become more effective in their lives.

“There are certain fundamental principles that govern in all human interactions, and living in harmony with those principles or natural laws is absolutely essential for quality family life.” - Dr. Covey
Content Overview
Seven Habits, Covey discusses about are not some “words and meaning” you can put in an equation and find the perfect answer for success. This book is nothing like algebra in where you have formulas and you find what “x” equals. You use the habits and the exercises Dr. Covey shows you in the book as a guide. Using the habits and exercises Dr. Covey shows in the book, you can create a powerful plan of action to change yourself and to guide others during change. Dr. Covey emphasizes a return to principles or values in order to achieve change in our lives. You have to understand what you value in life and what your priorities in life are. ...

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...remain as a reference to me for the rest of my life. I hope to share the mentor of Dr. Covey to my future coworkers.
"Voice is unique personal significance—significance that is revealed as we face our greatest challenges and that makes us equal to them." -Stephen Covey’s 8th habit.


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