Why Stay with Gasoline Engine Cars When You Can Go Electric?

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Every couple years, there have been new innovations. Nikole Tesla inventing the Tesla Coil and the remote control, among many other things even though the government alleged did not want him to bring his inventions to the world that did not stop him from creating. When Steve Jobs decided to bring Apple products and services to the world, the public did not care for him or what he was able to offer, but that did not stop him from creating one of the greatest companies known to man. Now there is Elon Musk, rocket scientist and co-founder of Paypal. From the company he co-founded, he officially began to use his earnings from Paypal to bring Tesla Motors to the world. Steve Jobs, Nikole Tesla and Elon Musk all have one thing in common; people did not want them to succeed. Tesla Motors is now the new company old auto industries and some government officials are now taking aim at since it disrupts their oil money since their only focus is gas vehicles. Musk named his company Tesla because of Nikole Tesla. He knew when he created Tesla Motors major problems would come with it, but that did not stop him from creating greatness. Even though there are other car companies who attempt to make the best electric cars, what makes Tesla Motors different would that they already produce the best electric cars completely different from their competition, their cars cost, energy usage, performance, and mainly direct sales of their cars.
When it comes to cars and the cost of them most people aren’t financially able to afford luxury vehicles or have the most efficient vehicles especially electric cars, which would better people’s everyday lives. Elon Musk is the new innovator that wants to change all of that plus more. Currently Tesla Motors car price...

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...d, Tesla Motors, is a company that brings new innovations to the auto industry so you are safer and have less worries. Tesla cars provide better car prices, greater energy usage, amazing performance, and mainly direct sales of their cars owing to the fact that they care for their customers. It is not just about money like the car dealerships. So my question to you is, why would you want to continue driving a gas-powered car? When there is something so great it will and has changed the world!

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