Why Sociology Is Sociology

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Sociology is a broad social science that studies the behavior of human beings, social relationships and social institutions through the use of systematic processes. Firstly, Sociology is an extensive subject since it covers several different areas of social life from traditional aspects such as religion, family, race, crime, and gender to modern social concerns like social movements, the environment, and technology. The study of Sociology is not static due to the fact it changes and is updated throughout the time. In fact, social aspects depend not only on the period of time in which they happen, but also on the places in which they are developed. For instance, the awareness of the issue of birth control and abortion in
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Sociologists operate different research methods through their investigations. For example, content analysis, surveys, interviews, and interpretation of historical documentation are used in order to get a better understanding of social processes that shape human lives. Furthermore, Sociology does not have founded objectives because sociologists have found different purposes for the use of what Sociology can bring. However, there are three main objectives that have been attributed to Sociology. First, it has the objective of describing the social world in the most possible detailed way. Second, Sociology can help to understand the social world and what why and how specific patterns happen. Third, the use of Sociology to influence and improve the social world in which human beings live. Finally, sociology offers a distinctive way of seeing and understanding the social world. To make it possible, sociologists have needed to develop sociological imagination, which is the sociological way to look at the world and make connections between individual issues and trends that are present in the whole society. Similarly, sociologists need to create Distantiation to see what is take- for-granted. It allows them to gain certain distain and gather…show more content…
Thus, Sociology looks beyond the idea of normal and views of reality in order to provide a deeper understanding of what is happening and to challenge the ideal understanding of social life. In fact, Sociology is based on particular perspectives, social theories, and research methods. For instance, a social concern can be studied through the use of the Feminist, Functionalist, Conflicts, and Symbolic
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