Why Society Became Too Dependent on Computers

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The dawn of the computer age allowed society to live in a life with great demands; and the very strong desire to meet these demands are well experienced. While people tended to aim for convenience and the ease of living, the emergence of these computers come a very handy solution. The speed, reliability and easy access of these four-dimensional machines and gadgets allowed life to be as easier as possible. Used in trade, at home, government processes and even schools and basically reaching to every homes, these computers can generally become part of every human life that without them, humanity seem to be unable to exist. Such higher demands of using the computers then lead us to the dependence of these machines. There has never been a day of an individual in a typical urban life that he does not check on his email or just simply scribble to laptops and other related computing and analyzing gadget. Convenience, entertainment and easiness of computers use, made it hard for a person to live without them. There are many causes that could lead to a computer dependent society, mainly caused by relative social and psychological factors, which are supported by the person's behavior. There are relatively numerous of terms to be associated with computer dependence. Critical claims of such occurrence would name it as “computer addiction, compulsion and obsession.” While all three terms would mean that certain actions are done out of habituation and distress, which could also often be associated to drug use, Shotton relatively used the term “syndrome” in her study that would determine as to what causes the higher tendencies of the society to be dependent in computers. Shotton examines that social and psychological influences can be the fac... ... middle of paper ... ... Shotton, Margaret A. Computer Addiction? A Study of Computer Dependency. London: Taylor & Francis. 1989. Print. Orzack, Maressa Hecht. Computer Addiction: What Is It? August 1, 1998. Psychiatric Times. 15 [ 8]. Reynolds, Chris. Keyboard Junkies. December 2, 1989. New Scientist Magazine. 124 [1693]. 76. Young people’s computer addiction is getting worst. April 27th, 2010. iTechforU. Accessed 8 March 2011 from Ross, Winston. A World Wide Woe. October 8, 2009. Newsweek. Web, March 8, 2011 from Morley, Deborah. Understanding Computers in a Changing Society. Ed.3. Cengage Learning, 2008. Print. UT Dallas. Self-Help: Computer Addiction. January 19, 2011. Web, March 8, 2011 from
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