Why Societies Fall

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If someone were to look back at civilizations that have collapsed in the past, it may be hard to decipher why. How could societies that were dominant forces in their time just collapse? Societies fall because of corrupt leaders, greed and unfair treatment of citizens. Many great societies, such as Rome and Macedonia, have fallen in the past, but, knowing the reasons behind the downfall can help for the future.

Societies fall because of corrupt and bad leaders. The leader of Nazi Germany between about 1930-1945 was a very corrupt and evil leader. Although he made the society to be prosperous, he discriminated against his people. “As tyranny spread across the society, the leaders and their collaborators persecuted and murdered millions of other people” (Society one reading, final paragraph). This quote tells about the tyranny and the corrupt leader that was at the helm of Germany. The leader eventually lead the society back into it’s hard times when he started war between countries all over the globe. Corrupt leaders also use their power for evil. In Greece, leaders often passed laws that helped the rich and hurt the poor. “By passing laws that favored the rich, the oligarchs protected and increased their own wealth” (TCI, lesson 2, section 3). Discriminating against the poor and favoring the rich with laws causes uprisings. People being fed up with it and fighting back. No matter the outcome of the conflict, the society is weakened dearly. Another example comes from Syria. In Syria, the leader is very corrupt and is a bad leader. He lead the country into economic despair. When things got tough he resigned and left the country. He didn’t try to take care of the problem himself. “..after President Viktor Yanukovych fled the capital....

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...discriminated against. The race accomplished great things but were still discriminated against. Leaders started to kill millions of this race, calling it, “the final solution”. The leaders of the society killed millions of the people in their own society and others. One of the main reasons societies fall is because of discriminating against citizens.

No matter how great a society is it can still fall, if the society falls victim to corrupt/bad leaders, greed and unfair rights for citizens then it will. Societies fall because of many reasons. Societies fall when they discriminate against their people, have greed and have bad/corrupt leaders. Examples of these very cases come from Rome, Syria, Germany and even America. Even the largest societies can fall due to these reasons. Learning from societies who have fallen in the past is important to improve for the future.
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