Why Smoking Is Bad For Health

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There are several reasons for why smoking is bad for health. The first reason is smoking can cause cancer. A lot of people think that smoking only causes lung cancer, technically they are not mistaken; however, smoking can cause many different types of cancer. Here are several cancer types other than Lung cancer that is caused by smoking: Larynx cancer, nose cancer, blood cancer, kidneys cancer, bladder cancer, and many more. These diseases occur when a person smokes, the whole process - from lighting up the cigarette to when he exhale - leads to a bunch of different drastic and disastrous effects on the person body. Moreover, a one cigarette has about 41,000 chemicals and a large percent of these chemicals are known to be carcinogenic or cancer causing. When these chemicals commixed with the heat of the smoke will lead to an unusual shift in the person cells and affect them to multiply in a strange and uncontrolled way, leading to cancer. Second reason is smoking causes heart disease. When a person smokes he is more vulnerable to suffer from coronary artery disease and a stroke than...
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