Why Should We Care About Same Sex Marriage?

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Why Should We Care About Same-Sex Marriage? The term “traditional marriage” is used to describe the documented union between a man and a woman. However, this term had never been used until recently, due to a rise in support for same-sex marriage legalization, a popular and heated issue in today’s society. On the surface, same-sex marriage might seem weird and disturbing, but it truly is no different from “traditional marriage, other than the fact that two people of the same gender are married. The rights of homosexuals are being threatened, and in a time of “acceptance,” this kind of behavior and outrage seems foolish and unnecessary. Gay marriage should be recognized, accepted, and legalized in all states and territories under US jurisdiction, and they should receive the same treatment and benefits as “traditional” married couples. To put it simply, marriage is the documented union between two people who believe that they deserve to marry each other. Not every marriage is based off of love, considering all of the chapels in gambling cities such as Las Vegas or Atlantic City, nor does it have to be between a man and a woman, shown through proudly homosexual couples such as Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, or Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka. In a perfect world, marriage would be defined as the loving union between two like souls who wish to spend their lives together. Seeing as how this is not the case, marriage should still be accepted by everyone, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, or religion. However, there are strong opinions on both sides of the issue, with excellent points being made on both sides. The main antagonists to gay marriage are Christians, specifically Christians in positions of power, such as poli... ... middle of paper ... ...hought process and the world it lives in. Nobody wins if gay marriage becomes illegal, absolutely nobody. The legalization of gay marriage is certainly more of a positive than a negative, but because of one dusty book that hasn’t changed in millennia, the rights of LGBT people are being threatened, the same way African-Americans were threatened in the 1960s. In fact, many political cartoons about the correlation between the two topics have been made (US News). Christians and other antagonists are only wasting their breath and choosing to focus on the issues that are not really issues at all, only possible threats that will never be known unless gay marriage is legalized. If LGBT couples cannot be happy, “traditional” couples shouldn’t be happy either, but this is not the case. Change always takes a while, but it usually does not have as much of an impact on history.

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