Why Should Texting And Driving Be Banned

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Texting while driving is a bad habit that many drivers face on a daily basis. Most people know that texting and driving is a dangerous way of driving on the road, but many do it anyway that’s why texting and driving should be banned because of the lack of self-control driver’s show being distracted by a cellular device then being a responsible driver. According to Adrian Lund the president of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety “An estimated [of] 450,000 people were killed or injured [in 2009 for] distracted-driving.” Many lives have been lost due to irresponsible drivers who value technology more than safety. Even though, cell phones are useful tools for connection, it’s also a dangerous tool for distraction. Madden a senior researcher…show more content…
Moore argues that texting and driving is more fatal than drinking and driving. Moore says that “texters ' reaction times deteriorated by 35%, with a whopping 91% decrease in steering ability, while similar studies of drunk driving indicate reaction time diminishment of a relatively modest 12%. By that measure, [driving while texting] DWT is three times as dangerous as DUI and should logically be treated as severely, if not more so, both under the law and in terms of social censure.” Also Moore states that “Cell phones have infiltrated every aspect of our private and public lives, and schools have to either ban or jam students ' cell phones to guarantee a distraction-free learning environment. Studies have shown that drivers—especially teenagers—who talk or text while operating a vehicle are as distracted and impaired as drunk drivers. Any use of mobile phones in cars is hazardous, but texting produces an effect equivalent to high blood-alcohol levels. Worse, unlike drunk drivers, who might be aware of their impairment and act accordingly, texting drivers are oblivious to the risk they are taking.” In today’s society texting while driving is not treated seriously as drinking and driving because people aren’t educated. Moore makes it known that we must take this bad habit in to consideration. We must change the culture of reckless
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