Why Should Students Carry Concealed Carry On Campus?

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Sitting in a hard chair at the police station crying, 19 year-old Megan is reporting a case of rape. She was pulled into an alley while walking home from her night class and was sexually assaulted. Megan did not ask for this calamity, but she did ask to be allowed to carry a concealed weapon on campus to protect herself. In this case it was too late for Megan, but maybe this unfortunate event can be used to help others like Megan in the future. Students should be allowed to carry concealed weapons on campus to protect themselves from rape and assault or if a school shooting were to occur. Despite the fact that arguments have been made to deter officials from passing bills to allow guns on campus, many bills have been passed to allow…show more content…
There is no need to allow concealed carry on campus” (Concealed Campus, 2011).Certain affluent neighborhoods are considered “safe” compared to the surrounding area, but even with this “sense of safe,” the same crimes happen within this neighborhood as do outside of it. Whether the crimes are rape, murder or assault, they still occur. When these crimes do happen, there are no concealed weapon bans enacted nor is there any major action taken. So why should students suffer and have their second amendment and inherent rights taken away because of a tragedy that had no correlation to…show more content…
Although certain opinions argue the unfavorable aspects of disallowing concealed weapons on campus, no amount of these opinions can compensate for the lives lost in school shootings where students were unarmed due to concealed carry regulations enforced by their school. Without concealed carry, we are contributing to the death toll acquired from school shootings that could 've been stopped. Furthermore, the addition of concealed carry on campus would allow for a better sense of “safe” for students who carry and would allow students to retain their right to bear arms. Concealed weapons should be allowed on every university and college
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