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There are way too many students all over the world today that are overweight, and even obese. A major way to reduce or eliminate these numbers would be to get more participation in high school athletics. Sports do not only provide a healthier body, but also teaches lessons for later on in life, not just good body health. It helps students learn to accept others, and also learn how to face tough decisions like adversity. Another big skill students would learn is how to accept others no matter what gender, race, or ethnicity. High school students should be mandated to participate in a sport in order to promote a healthy lifestyle. In the United States, teens are overweight, obesity has been greatly increasing. Schools should promote athletics as much as possible. The more kids that play a sport, the healthier the society can become. In our world today, kids are more focused on sitting down playing video games, rather than going outside to play. A perfect way to prevent these lazy habits is for students to participate in a sport. “ Preventing the…show more content…
Also, a whopping 87 percent of teens do not meet the recommendation for eating fruits and veggies (DrugFacts...). Although some people say they eat healthy, it might not be enough. For example, if a teen has a serving of fruits or veggies, they tend to say that they already had their amount for a day, when in reality you need much more than that. Also, when you get older you may be in a bad situation where you are offered drugs or a cigarette, learning to say no is important. “Athletes were more likely to eat fruits and veggie, and were less likely to engage in smoking and drug abuse” (Mekel). Preventing bad habits like smoking and drugs is providing a much more healthy, and successful lifestyle for each student. If they do not start these habits when they are young, then there is much less of a chance that they will get into it when they grow

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