Why Should Smoking Be Persuasive Essay

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Smoking is literally paying someone to kill you, tobacco companies become rich, and meanwhile you have a one in five chance of dying because smoking causes twenty percent of all deaths in the United States each year. Smoking causes 3,000 cancer deaths in non-smokers and 400,000 cancer deaths in smokers every year (Patient handout). Smoking is a very dangerous habit, the effects are extremely serious to one’s health. The chemicals that make up cigarettes are extremely hazardous, it is a difficult habit to break, and smoking had led to multiple types of cancer, heart disease, and hundreds of other cases of problems with the body (Kowalski). Teenagers and young adults are targeted to start smoking through advertisements and media temptation. Smoking is very harmful to the environment, but many Americans believe they have the right to smoke. Right now, Southern Utah University is trying to make its campus a non-smoking campus. Not only should smoking cigarettes be banned on all campuses, cigarette and tobacco sales should be banned…show more content…
Smoking is a big cause of cancers located in the voice box, esophagus, lungs, cervix, throat, mouth, stomach, kidney, pancreas, bladder, larynx, pharynx, breasts, and uterine. Smoking is linked to leukemia, cataracts and pneumonia. Smoking often causes respiratory problems and infertility problems as well (Kowalski). When a smoker breathes in toxic air, the cilia, which keeps the lungs clean, will disappear. Without a cilia, toxic substances get into the lungs, which is the cause of lung cancer (Late). It is proven that smoking causes health problems and diseases in every organ of the body. The US Department of Health and Human Services states that more than twelve million Americans have died from smoking since 1964, and another twenty-five million Americans alive today are expected to die of a smoking-related illness in the future
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