Why Should School Uniforms Be Required

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Should School Uniforms be Required? The ever so controversial issue of whether or not students should be required to wear school uniforms is commonly discussed and argued about. School board members, superintendents, teachers, and parents frequently talk about the benefits and negative effects of school uniforms on the students, schools, and the communities as a whole. People argue that uniforms pose a feeling of unity, decrease bullying and bad behavior, and that they look professional. On the other side of the argument, it is said that they are expensive and suppress the creativity and individuality of students. So the real question is, does requiring uniforms in school benefit students or deter them from reaching their full potential in…show more content…
Twenty-three percent of all public and private schools in the United States require their students to wear a uniform (Statistic Brain). Many schools have trouble with having sufficient funds to keep them going, so they start requiring the students to wear uniforms. If the school bought the uniforms in bulk, many companies would give them a discount. That would allow the students’ parents to spend less money on buying them without a discount from the company themselves. By doing so, the school can raise money to help pay certain bills and expenses that they may have. On the contrary, many schools do only have a single supplier that they buy from and that can make it hard for some students to find one that fits them (Spencer). Although buying through the school may lower the price, uniforms can still be pretty expensive. The average annual cost for a standard school uniform—polo shirt, khaki pants, and shoes—is $249. That can get pretty pricey for the average middle-class American family. However, the typical price of three uniforms is equal to the cost of on pair of designer jeans. Many families complain about how expensive school uniforms can get, yet they do not take into account how much money they spend on school clothes annually for each of their
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