Why Should School Uniform Be Mandatory?

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School Uniform should be mandatory

The number of interruptions and distractions in school have concerned many parents and guardians what the problem is. Every 3 years, a variety number of people in the United States fall being the victim to crimes at school (The Challenge of School Violence). This kind of crime includes bullying outside and inside of school. Not only are the parents and guardians concerned, educators and school boards are also anxious to know what solution to this problem is. To solve this problem, they 're trying many new different policies and one of them is ordering students to wear school uniform. Even though many schools don 't see this as the right choice, schools that have operate it mostly talked about the benefits
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The antagonists find that uniforms are intimidating and lower and some students complain that uniforms turn schools into prisons (The Challenge of School Violence). Many have negative opinions about the uniforms but what they 're not aware of is what not having a dress code does to the school and students. It doesn 't mean that students will act and think the same way if they 're all dressed in a similar clothing. A dress code motivates students to express themselves individually through personality and academic achievements, not outward appearances (5 Benefits of School Uniforms). Not only does the uniform help them academically, it also prevents them from stressing out about their clothes. A dress code helps students identify with one another, cultivate equality and compassion (5 Benefits of School Uniform). A school uniform keeps students from judging each other from what they wear and it keeps them from classifying people as lower or higher. It keeps everyone in the same level andthere is no ranking of each…show more content…
Students go to school to learn and grow their knowledge so they can then achieve their goals. They don’t go there to be judged and be a victim of bullying just because of what they wear and what they have and not have. School uniforms help create an effective learning atmosphere because it removes disturbance (Adkins). More students can concentrate better when everyone is not looking and laughing at them. They feel much safer with school uniforms and learn so much better. By spending less time worrying about what others think, students can focus more on what school is really for, getting education and learning (5 Benefits of School Uniforms). Because of these uniform policies, attendance and graduation rates had gone up (A Youngstown State University). A school dress code benefits the students and it really makes them concentrate more on what they learn instead of what they wear.Having everyone wear the same clothes puts the school in a better shape. Many studies have shown that having a dress code shortens crime rates and peer pressure. Many students in school are victims of bullying whether if it 's cyber bullying or any other kind of bullying. Having a dress code gets rid of some of the acts and behaviors and peer pressure. Discipline and police records at Spark 's Middle School were compared from the year before without uniform and after and they were reduced by about 10
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