Why Should Police Officers Wear Lowered Body Cameras?

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In the wake of the events in Ferguson, Missouri, there has been more and more discussion about police misconduct and procedures that could reduce the amount of police brutality related deaths. The country has reached a boiling point and something has to be done. Uniform-mounted body cameras are one solution that has been proposed many times, with some opposition. There are people who oppose this idea on the basis that it infringes on the rights of police officers, however, having police officers wear mounted body cameras is not an outrageous request and may even be necessary. In most job settings, the employee is under some sort of surveillance, why should police officers be any different? The police as a whole do not have a great track record:…show more content…
There is some opposition on this subject; those who are not in favor of body cameras claim that it infringes upon the civil rights and civil liberties of police officers. However, in many workplaces, employees are under surveillance - their actions and their internet history is monitored as well. What makes police officers any different? Another point that the opposition makes is the cost. There is no real number on how much it would cost to equip body cameras to every on-duty police officer. In the long run, though, the benefits would outweigh the cost. Body cameras would cut down on misconduct and help to weed out ‘crooked’ police officers. Although the use of body cameras has not been tested extensively, the tests that have been conducted show that these cameras “greatly [reduce] use-of-force incidents” (Sloan). It is also important to note that people tend to behave better when they are being observed and can be held accountable for their actions. This does not account for what a police officer does off-duty, but it would greatly affect the amount of evidence available and the public’s trust of police officers would increase as

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