Why Should Not Be Allowed For Nurse Their Babies Behind Bars?

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Prison is no place to raise a baby. Or is it? Pregnant, incarcerated women should be allowed to nurse their babies behind bars to make sure they develop biologically, socially, or logically. I plan to carefully and thoroughly touch upon the important aspects of this essay by covering most importantly the advantages, the history regarding nursing program facilities, a psychology concept, and the struggles within the mother and child and etc. The external factors that have influenced the changing status of truth or falsity within this discipline includes cultural prejudice, gender bias, politics, and social media. Although, the theme of babies being raised behind bars isn’t as prevalent, it’s vital in babies needing developmental support from their incarcerated mothers’ after birth. Most people would be against the decision because they look at the big picture of babies being behind bars rather than why would the plan be considered a good solution for both the mother and child. The public should ask themselves, "Why would this be effective? What 's the strengths vs the weaknesses? What could possibly happen to the child 's development?” Seham Elmalak, editor of “Babies Behind Bars”, discusses the history surrounding female prisons, the positive and negative effects on the nursing programs, and constitutional objectives against nursing programs. California’s legislature passed a bill in 1978 for the Mother-Infant Care program. Also, Nebraska’s Correctional Center for Women has passed a law for support of a nursery program in 1994. These programs was designed to reunite non-violent inmates with their young children under the age of 6 years old for the duration of the mother’s sentence. The history of this discipline of Elmalak’s stu... ... middle of paper ... ...Or is it”, according to most people, without fully understanding the bigger picture would cause them to think of it as a bad solution. To others, the advantages may balance out the disadvantages. Overall, the theme is people have to truly understand the extent of this problem before prejudging. Then they’ll realize what positive effects will result while being in prison. Pregnant, incarcerated women would most likely find the approach of keeping babies behind bars with them to be more soothing. A mother and child’s relationship have an unexplainable bond that can’t be broken. It’s important that these women are aware of the consequences of coming to a correctional facility pregnant. Either they’re eligible to keep the child or they aren 't. That 's why I agree with babies being allowed behind bars with their mothers. It’ll be both beneficial to the mother and child.

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