Why Should Boxing Be Banned?

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Sanctioned form of violence are usually used for entertainment or pleasure however it can cause harmful consequences to people who are involved. Sanctioned means something that is allowed to do in a society without suffering the consequences with the law. There are several people who enjoy hardcore activities such as being involved in sports that require training and conditioning before each competition or match. One sport that is sanctioned is boxing that although it is a sport for self defence and fitness I believe that it is too violent based on its form of how it can severely injure the athletes, affect the lives of others who watch it by abusive language, and encourage people to become violent. Boxing is a sport in which two people wearing…show more content…
Such as the audiences in boxing rings who would shout routing for their favorite boxer and shouting words of discouragement to the opponent. Boxing has become so violent since the beginning that the sport has been banned stated in an article, A Brief History of Boxing, “Romans prohibited boxing, because the sport had become so savage” (Allen) demonstrating that boxing was meant to be a violent sport that should be banned and many fans still want to practice it. Due to the popularity boxing surfaced to all over the world despite the history of it and the deaths that it caused. According to pro boxer Paul Vaden in The Killer Instinct, he experienced how crowds would cheer, “The crowd was cheering for blood-mostly mine” (Donoho) and based on this he was frightened on how the crowds would have wanted him to die. Especially when parents such as fathers who are deemed to be role models for their sons would get passionate in watching boxing and using these ruthless language demonstrates how boxing is a violent sport not to just practice it but to watch it as well. This can cause conflict not only to children 's lives but to the parents’ lives as well, causing divorce to happen just by how television or the being in the audience of a boxing match can change someone 's life completely. Many viewers are fan of the sport because of how unpredictable the winners turn out to be for instance, in A Brief History of Boxing, it states that, “Interest in the sport was renewed by colorful fighters...Mike Tyson---sparked that interest into the ‘80s” (Allen) demonstrating on how someone like Mike Tyson could actually be known as the most well known professional

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