Why School Shower Their Students With A 's By Brent Staples

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In his essay, “Why Colleges Shower Their Students with A’s,” Brent Staples argues that grade inflation in colleges results in college degrees becoming less valuable. Staples points out that grade inflation is happening among all colleges and there are many factors contributing to this problem. Colleges are willingly giving students good grades that they do not deserve so that the course will not be omitted from the lack of attendance. Part-time teachers’ jobs are at risk because their position is not guaranteed. These teachers were sometimes threatened by the students saying they will complain if their grades are not adjusted for a higher score. With this being said, students are putting pressure on teachers, causing their jobs to be in danger. Colleges are allowing students the opportunity to appeal their grades if they are not satisfied with them by contacting the dean or board of the department. Staples indicates that the “evidence suggests that students and the parents are demanding—and getting—what they think of as their money’s worth.” (937) However, Staples offers a solution: “to stanch inflation is to change the way the grade point average is calculated.” (937) He believes that the more challenging courses such as math and science should have a higher weight than the less challenging courses. His proposal grants, students the chance to actually receive their grade and not get it handed to them. This limits grade inflation, free diplomas, and issues between students and teachers as well as the administration. Brent Staples argument is effective because he persuades the audience why the grade point average weight should be changed and give logical reasons for why grade inflation occurs. Analysis Staples emphasizes to his ... ... middle of paper ... ...eges Shower Their Students with A’s”, I came across a shockingly discovery. This article was published in an opinion piece in the New York Times. The New York Times is read by millions of people; however, I do not feel as if the audience of this article are the students and parents but more for college administrators. I am not saying that students or parents do not read the New York Times, but higher level people are more likely to read it instead. In conclusion, the article “Why Colleges Shower Their Students with A’s” a very effective argument essay. The author persuades his audience that the grade point average weight should be changed and gave logical reasons on why grade inflation occur in colleges. Although I agreed with his argument on changing how the grade point is weighed, I disagree with his beliefs on that the students are more at fault than anyone else.

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