Why Respect Is Important

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Respect is an understanding that someone is important and should be treated in a good way. Many people care if people respect them and some do not care if anyone respect them. It is really easy for some people to gain respect, while it is hard for others. Respect is something that is sometimes very important in someone’s life, but it is also simple. An easy way to show respect to people is to do favors for someone or just help someone take bags to the car at the grocery store. It is a saying that if you show others respect, then they will respect you also, but first you have to respect yourself. Respect is important in life and more people should start showing it. There are a lot of different ways of showing respect. People gain respect by being nice, having athletic abilities, fighting for respect.
When trying to show respect it is important to be tolerant differences, and use good manners, not bad language. An easy way to lose respect is to offend someone by making fun of them or making them feel uncomfortable. Researchers are now emphasizing the importance of supervisors by
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Michael Jordan is one of the most respected athletes their ever has been. Sports fans and even other athletes respect him a lot because they want to be just like him. He even had to earn his respect from others before he was a star. He impressed everyone with his athletic abilities and then everyone just started buying his clothes, shoes, and saying “I want to be like Jordan when I get older. “The president of the United States also has to gain a lot of respect from the world if he wants to run it. That might be the hardest way to gain respect. An athlete who lost all of his respect was a basketball player named LeBron James. LeBron betrayed his team and left to play elsewhere because they could not win a championship. He went on to team up with two other stars and fans thought that was cheating so, they stopped respecting
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