Why Prisons Are Overcoming Overcrowded

In today’s world, there seems to be more and more people going to prison and staying in prison for longer periods of time. Many people are asking the question, with all these people going to prison, how can the prisons hold them all? Many people are getting longer sentences, which is one reason for the overcrowding of many state and federal prisons. Another reason that prisons are becoming overcrowded is the introduction of new laws. (Portland State University) When new laws are introduced, it may take some time for people to get used to these laws. However, that does not make people exempt from these new laws. This is causing more and more people to end up in prisons. Even with some of the older laws, people may not fully understand them, and in which case they violate them and end up serving prison time for doing so. Whatever the reason for people going to prison, the fact remains, that in the United States of America there are more prisoners then there are jail cells to hold them. As prisons become overcrowded, many…show more content…
These states are also looking for a way to keep the cost of having so many prisoners down. Some states believe that if they are tougher on low risk criminals that this will lead to less people becoming repeat offenders. They also take a look at it as if they keep these low risk criminals in prison for their full sentence, then they will not violate their parole and end up back in prison. Other states take the opposite look at this. These states are granting low risk criminals more parole and giving these people more probation. These states believe that by granting these criminals another chance that they will learn their lesson and are less likely to repeat their crimes. Also these states are looking at if there are less low level criminal in prison, then there is more space for higher risk

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