Why People Use Natural Bridges Park

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Why People Use Natural Bridges Park Perhaps it was being born to two hippy children but I find myself making excuses to trek over Highway 17 just to spend hours of my time taking in all the wonders of nature the town holds. One place that I have found that holds so many of the wonders is Natural Bridges State Park. From the trails, the natural bridges and tide pools, down to the monarch sanctuary, the park holds a plethora of nature's precious delights. The trails that wind through this park are breathtaking in many ways. Natural Bridges sits on 65 acres of coastal land in Santa Cruz, California. As the trails wind, the untouched beauty of wetlands and meadows are exposed within the park's interior. Many coastal birds and other creatures find sanctuary from the harsh surrounding environments while giving visual pleasure to bird watchers and natural scientists of the like. The trails are gracefully laid out around the land in order to maintain the harmony between human beings and nature. Moore Creek runs peacefully through the wetlands and under the trails as it makes it course to the sea. Taking these trails is one of the best ways to catch all the hidden secrets that exist inside the park. Once you make it down to the ocean, a spectacular natural bridge greets you as it wades in the waves below. As the tide flows out, amazing sea stars, sand dollars, and other shore dwellers become visible in the remarkable tide pools. This is one of the main ways children can learn about plants and animals hands on. If timing is right and you look out at the ocean you might catch migrating whales or seals playing with each other while searching for a meal. There is no end to the mystical creatures that pass through the parks perimeters. Another wonder of nature that I find most enchanting is the monarch butterfly. These migrating butterflies fly to this Natural Preserve, the only one in California, to take shelter from the harsh winter. They nestle in the eucalyptus trees in huge clusters to stay warm. They usually arrive in October and are off again in March. The park knows how important it is to protect these butterflies and they have constructed a beautiful viewing area that allows you to get an intimate view without damaging their habitat.

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