Why People Lose Weight Essay

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• Why isn’t telling people to “eat less and exercise more” enough?
It is not enough because they already know this and eating less of non-healthy foods will not give your body all the essential nutrients and minerals it needs. They need someone to help them with coming up with small goals by giving them examples and then they can pick and choose what they want their goal to be. They need someone who can encourage them on the way to a healthier lifestyle change. Education and counseling might be the best way to help someone lose weight. Most people know that eating healthier and exercise will help them lose weight but they do not know what to do or how to use these information. It is not only about education people on eating healthier and being
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Energy in equals energy out, the amount of energy you take in needs to equal or less than the energy you lose/use to either maintain your weight or lose weight. If you have a negative balance meaning that you use most of the energy you take in than you will lose weight. If you have even a small positive energy balance than you would gain weight because you are not using the energy you take in instead you are accumulating it which results in gradual weight gain. It does not matter what kind of calorie/energy you put in a calorie is a calorie.

• The set point theory – how do energy needs change when weight is lost and what are some factors that are proposed to contribute? How does this affect difficulty of weight loss maintenance and how does this emphasize the importance of obesity prevention?
Energy needs change for individuals when weight is lost because they are not metabolically the same as they were before they lost weight. Individuals who have reduced their weight require about 20% less calories per day, relatively to someone of the same weight that has been this way for years, to keep their weight off. Another thing they can do is eat 10% less calories per day and increase their physical activity by 10% in order to maintain/keep their normal healthy weight. Due to weight reduction individuals need to burn 200
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People at very high risk for diabetes reduced their risk with lifestyle intervention. The goal is to try to lose 7% of initial weight and increase activity levels to 150 min more per week than current physical activity. This study showed that the risk of diabetes could be decrease with this lifestyle intervention by 58%. They could change their environmental factors from genetic factors taking the weight and the activity out of the equation. Also, a 10-20 pounds loss is enough to improve diabetes. An individual may have genetic factors and environmental factors that increase their chances of developing diabetes. This study focused on changing environmental factors to decrease the risk of developing diabetes. The risks of (gain) of abdominal obesity is diabetes, high blood pressure, and high

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