Why People Join Social Movements Essay

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People decide to join social movements for many reasons. People all around the world join social movements because they will likely have an enormous impact on their nation community. The main reason that people join social movements is because they want change or they do not want change. Social movements usually focus on trying to create an impact on political issues or social issues. A government that is abusing power could experience social movements. Whether or not the government is trying to keep the same laws or change laws completely makes no difference in a social movement. People in a country that is already working fine might create social movements to protest the changing of its laws. If the people of a country grow tired of the current laws they can create social movements. People participating in social movements get mobilized by a strong influential person or idea. A social movement will likely have some type of leader. The people participating in a social movement with a leader will follow his or her ways. Ideas and beliefs can also help mobilized…show more content…
Pharmaceutical companies will produce more medicine for a first world country than a third world country. Even though more people in third world countries need medicine than people in first world countries, the pharmaceutical companies will not make medicine for the people in third world countries because they will not make a profit. Pharmaceutical companies will spend more of their time and money on producing medicine for colds and headaches for people in first world countries because they will make profit. While people in third world countries are suffering worse diseases, they will not get as much help because they cannot afford to buy medicine. When a pharmaceutical company sees that they would not be able to buy medicine for the sickness, they will not end up producing the medicine they

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