Why Parents Should Not Fight

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It is very unlikely for parents to not fight at all. Still parents need to think about their children when they fight. Parents are likely to have arguments and end up fighting, but parents don’t realize that this can become a problem once they start doing it in front of their children. Parents should not fight in front of their children because it can have harmful consequences on the children. For one, children can feel unsafe, and can also suffer from emotional instability, behavioral problems, and health issues. It’s important to realize that a child should feel safe with their parents and their relationship. When parents argue a child can begin to feel unsafe and question their relationship with their parents. This can prove to be harmful since “Through relationships with important attachment figures, children learn to trust others, regulate their emotions, and interact with the world…”(The National Child Traumatic Stress Network). Many could argue that this doesn’t matter, but it does because it can cause unwanted problems in the future. “Developing trust and distrust is an early way for a child to sort good information from false information, a skill that will be crucial if they are to succeed not just in personal relationships, but academically, as well” (Severns). The lack of trust in others can push these children into an unhealthy relationship, or affect them in school. “Relationships between children and their teachers are as crucial as child 's home environment, children 's trust must be earned before trying to teach them” (Schiller). Feeling unsafe can lead to distrust and distrust can lead to unhealthy relationships or academic problems. With this in mind, parents should consider not fighting in front of their child... ... middle of paper ... ...ugs” (Lyness 2). Still some can suffer from other health issues, “Children can develop sleep disturbances and health problems like headaches and stomachaches, or they may get sick frequently” (Divecha). Some could argue that headaches and stomachaches are common in children, but parents could prevent some of these health problems if they stop fighting in front of their children. Overall, a child can suffer a lot from their parents arguing. It’s crucial for parents to put their children’s life first. As has been mentioned, when parents argue in front of their children the consequences can become very serious. Parents need to understand that they should not fight in front of their children. The consequences can lead a child to feel unsafe, and develop emotional instability, behavioral problems and health difficulties, and as a result suffer from the effects of these.

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