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Why I have chosen the nursing profession
I have chosen the nursing profession because, I care deeply for others and their well-being. When individuals enter any health care setting such as a hospital, doctor’s office, clinic, or nursing home they are there because some type of injury or illness is occurring. After checking in at the reception desk, in most of these circumstances, the patient explains his or her ailments firstly to a nurse. The nurse must be able to accurately obtain and record vital signs, while paying close attention to the objective symptom’s the patient is displaying, as well as listening carefully to the subjective symptom’s the patient is experiencing. Also, it is essential that the nurse be able to properly record this information for the medical chart and the Doctor. The role of a nurse is very important and requires extreme sacrifice, hard work, and long hours. In addition, it is paramount that a nurse display professionalism in their attitude, dress, speech, and conduct. Nurses have the obligation of performing their job duties at all times, and have knowledge of their nursing training.
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Listening carefully and paying close attention to the patient’s signs and symptoms is an important requirement of a nurse. In addition, accurately recording this information is just as important. My experience as a cna will assist me in pursuing a nursing career. The quality of time management will be a contributing factor for a successful nursing education and career. Being able to display compassion and empathy are very important qualities to display while pursuing a nursing profession. I hope that I am able to be accepted into the nursing program. While writing this essay, I realized the seriousness of pursuing a nursing career and all the hard work and effort required for this type of educational opportunity, and the drive needed to be
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