Why Nero Was An Iconoclast?

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An iconoclast is a person that goes against or criticises a cherished beliefs or institutions. They were a reformer and an influential leader that changed long lasting beliefs. Which is why Nero was definitely an iconoclast. Nero is thought to be a domineering dictator of Rome. In spite of his moral and ethical miscues, he was a successful leader, by removing his rivals and strengthening Rome’s position in the world. Nero was born in 37AD (Dennison, 2012), with the name, Lucius Domitus Ahenobarbus. When he was two his mother was banished by emperor Caligula to Pontian Island. Nero lost his inheritance one year later when his father, Gnaeus Domitus Ahenbarbus, died. When emperor Caligula died, emperor Claudius, a milder emperor, was on the throne. This meant that Agripinna, Neros Mother and Claudius’s neice, was recalled from exile and that Nero was given a good education, being tutored…show more content…
He cooled his temper by watching chariot racing, wrestling bouts and acting and singing competitions which was ‘appalling’ to the people of Rome. All of his executions were directed towards political opponents and unlike his immediate predecessors there is no reason to believe he enjoyed their deaths (Dennison, 2012). This however is very subjective as there are primary sources like Suetonius and Tacitus that say the opposite of this, that Nero did enjoy the executions of his rivals death. Nero reacted harshly to accusations of treason against himself and the senate and because of this people, if caught trying to overturn him, were exiled and executed ("Nero", 2017). One of the people Nero had executed was Seneca, Neros former tutor and mentor ("Who is Nero? Everything You Need to Know", 2017). By Nero executing his rivals, he made people scared to overturn him and changed future beliefs of emperors. It changed future emperors beliefs because they had less tolerance for conspirators making Nero an
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