Why NJ Should Begin Hemp Growth and Production

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It is my belief that the state of New Jersey should license and allow the cultivation of industrial hemp. Further, I believe that the state legislature should join the fight to lift the federal ban on hemp production in the United States. For the state and US economy, hemp could be a tremendously valuable cash crop, and have a very positive effect on the environment.
First and foremost, hemp production would result in instant job creation; after all, any crop must be grown, harvested, transported and processed before it even comes close to being available to the consumer. From farm to factory and everywhere in between, employment opportunities would sprout up. Several US companies currently use hemp materials in their products, however in order to be used in the US, the materials must be imported from other countries. A study by the Reason Foundation that examined the ways other countries use hemp to determine the potential usefulness found that hemp is a “cost-effective, environmentally friendly substitute for polyester, cotton, fiberglass and concrete.” A product that costs less to produce will cost less for the consumer, all while creating jobs. The financial impact that hemp growth could have on the economy could be staggering. In addition to goods manufactured using hemp materials, hemp can be used to make biofuels that could potentially ease the pain we feel at the gas pump. In the end, hemp could put more money in the pockets of average citizens, money that we would spend on other goods and services. Unfortunately, New Jersey loses farmland every day to other industries. This loss could be stopped, while boosting the state economy in the process with the growth and production of hemp. It could easily replace c...

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... smoke on a marijuana plant, and no seeds for a great many products on the hemp plant. Using hemp to hide marijuana growth would be a lose-lose situation.
Hemp growth and production would not only be a tremendous boost to the state economic and environmental situation, it could have a phenomenal nation-wide impact. With education and support, I believe that New Jersey could be a front runner in the movement to change the federal law banning the growth of hemp. While following up my research, I found a blurb in the Star-Ledger that reported that an Assembly committee “voted Monday (November 25, 2013) to approve a measure, which would create an industrial hemp license to regulate the ‘planting, growing, harvesting, possessing, processing, selling and buying’ of the crop.” It’s definitely a step in the right direction, now we just have to work on that Federal law.

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