Why My Mother Is Special?

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As I 've grown up, I 've viewed my mom in very different ways. Talking to my niece this weekend, I asked her about her mom. She said, "My mom is special because..." and then she followed it was some really cute reasons that I have long forgotten. I realized that her viewpoint of her mom was very serious to her, and she had some extremely different opinions of why her mother was special than I did.

Her responses made me think that as we grow up, we view our mom in very different ways, but she always remains special to us. I went online and read a lot of 'my mom is special because ' posts and found that as children, teenagers, and adults, we have a very different view of why our mom is so special. So, let 's take a look at some of the reasons why moms are so special throughout our lives.

As Children: My Mom Is Special Because...

She Loves Me: Kid 's need love, and they recognize that their mother is a
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In fact, if you 've been around kids, then you know that their favorite word is 'why '. Research has shown that children learn the quickest during their early years, and they need to learn in order to discover their world and how to interact in it. It 's no wonder children would find their mother 's special for teaching them everything they need to know. Even the simple act of tying shoes is important, and moms are always there with patience and love to help them understand

She feeds me: Oh, man, this is important! If mom didn 't feed them, they wouldn 't eat! I see a lot of kids talk about the different foods they like, such as macaroni or soup, and how they love that their mom makes them that food. I 've seen kids talk about how their mom pack them a lunch. My niece thinks her mom is special because she gets her little donuts when she goes through the local coffee shop drive thru. The truth is that we all need and love food, especially food that tastes good, so mom is an important source of this vital
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