Why Marriage Is Important For The World Today

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Once upon a time marriage was a requirement of society and a value to many women who wanted a stable life. It stand as a commitment to their husband and to God. It remain a way to start a proper family in the eyes the Lord. It was what many mothers and daughters dreamed of. Now that, many generations have passed many people believe marriage is not valued and Divorce rates are higher than ever. Religion has also become optional and there’re many different religions to choose from. Cohabitation has also reigned over society one doesn’t need to wait till marriage. Now you are able to move in with the person you love at any point in life. Marriage had started as a first option to many but it has become the last. There are still reasons why marriage can be appreciated in the world today. Here are three main reasons why marriage should be more acknowledge. First, when a couple gets married they, untie two families together the bigger the family the more support for one’s marriage. Second, a married couple can support each other financially and teach each other how to become more responsible. Lastly, one is able to have a stable family without having to drain the child on where he or she will live. First, when being married one is able to unite two different families together. Husband and wife become one and so do the family. A husband or wife would have an opportunity to become closer to each family member and create special bonds. Families couldn’t judge when a married couple lives together and would be less involved in a relationship. Family holidays would not be as awkward because they’re apart of the family. Dennis Prager discusses in the article Five Non-Religious Arguments for Marriage that “only with marriage will your... ... middle of paper ... ... are still able to raise their children in a home and also provide a safe environment for them. It would be best to be married to give your family a more fundamental home and provide status. In conclusion, there are very few people who still believe in marriage today and society has changed the views of many people. Marriage is no longer valued it is often seen as a disaster to one’s relationship, yet marriage was once to unite a couple and bring families closer in the in the beginning. People are now scared because divorce rates are higher than ever and people are not able to control their anger and turn to violence. Marriage should still be valuable for bringing families together, it should also be valuable to help and support one another in time of need. To end, marriage sets an example for ones family and shows your true mature knowledge of sentimental value.

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