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Millions of people around the world have been impacted by the blunder of Malaysia Flight 370, but what actually happened? A normal Boeing 777 aircraft does not just disappear every day, and Malaysia Flight 370 seemed to do just that. Many wonder how an ordinary Boeing 777 carrying 227 international passengers can go missing in a blink of an eye (“Malaysia Flight 370”). Some think it was a contretemps, yet some think it was an intricate terrorist attack. Malaysia Flight 370 made a huge impact on the plane industry, and affected millions of people throughout the United States. Malaysia Flight 370 was one of the biggest blunders in the history of the plane industry. It seemed that a huge Boeing 777 disappeared mysteriously in the blink of an …show more content…

The dramatic mystery furiously spread through various media sources, which caused people to panic and wonder what would come next. The media went crazy with different hypotheses that could have caused the mysterious blunder. In the article “Missing Malaysia plane: Co-pilot 'spoke last words'”, it talks about the conspiracies that people thought caused the disappearance immediately after they heard about the missing plane, and even recently, about a year after the crisis. The article says that the most popular conspiracy of the flight’s disappearance, besides crashing into the vast Indian Ocean, was that the flight was hijacked by terrorists. With the recent threat of Isis on the world, terrorism was a real possibility. Some believe that this could have been a failed “9/11” type terror attack. Stated in the article “MH370 'hijacked and in Afghanistan'” by Chris Richards, a Russian newspaper claimed that “Flight MH370 was hijacked by "unknown terrorists’” and forced to a remote land near Kandahar, Russia. While this hypothesis was not proven to be true, it was not proven to be false either, until the pings from the black box seemed to come from the Indian ocean (Richards). However, even with this evidence, the true explanation for Malaysia Flight 370’s disappearance remains a …show more content…

Everyone’s goal was to find the black box, which would lead to all of the answers. However, they believed that the black box’s batteries would eventually run out, making every second significant. As stated in the article “The search for flight MH370”, the immediate search was useless, for the people who were searching in the ocean were not searching it in the right spot. A week after the plane disappeared, they discovered satellites which determined that the plane was traveling for more hours than what was speculated at first. Before the recognition of the flight’s true travel path, the search area covered a surface area of 4,600,000 square kilometers in the vast and complex southern Indian Ocean. After the recognition of the flight’s path, the search became more refined. The refined search was in a completely different spot than what was originally searched. As stated in the article “Malaysian jet MH370: Refined analysis drives new search area” by Jonathan Amos, the refined search area covered a surface of 60,000 square kilometers, which is incomparably smaller than the original space. In this area, about 1,800 km from Perth, Australia, specialists from numerous countries were scanning the ocean floor vigorously in search for the black box (Amos). Even with the constant hunt for the black box, it still has not been found, giving up most hope for finding

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