Why Kill Children Just Because the Mother Wants To?

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Abortion is legal in many places all over the works but that does not make it any better it is allowing people to kill babies. People should never be able to take the life away from a poor invent little child that can't protect itself. You would not be in this world if your mom had gone to get an abortion. Abortion is a very controversial topic for it is just not right to put a women at risk of harming herself or take away a life that could someday flourish and into a great person.
Abortion has many different definitions depending on which side your on. There is a very controversial debate in many countries over what abortion actually is. It started to get really big when when people from both sides of the debate lobbied and protested parliament in the 1970s-1980s. Abortion is the intentional ending of a woman's pregnancy so she will not have the child or children. To have an abortion one would pay a doctor, nurse, or chemist to kill the fetus ending all chances of it living. The different people and ways to have an abortion can also make the costs vary depending on how it is done. Pro-lifers believe that having an abortion is the murder of human life. While pro-choice people think that this is okay. Not only does abortion have a definition but also there are many different methods to having an abortion.
There are many different ways to have an abortion done but they all seem as equally bad as the next one. An abortion can be done medically or by a surgery. Abortion can happen naturally, by having a miscarriage, or by the works of human hands. In the 19th century they took a tool and that just scraped out the living fetus right out of the inside of its mother. One of the main ways to have one ways to have one now is by a doctor, n...

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...of its mother. Some of the others who didn't want the case overturned thought that it wasn't a moral issue but thought it was important. Even with these few that thought it should be left alone the ones who thought tis should be overturned outnumbered the others by a landslide. This shows that the pro-lifers are coming back up some and are gaining a better chance to overturn the case and make abortion illegal once more.
Hopefully one day soon abortion will be illegal. With the rise of pro-lifers there is light at the end of the tunnel. One day it might be illegal to just kill a child just because the mother doesn't want it. It will be illegal to kill an innocent child that will be able to grow up and make a name for himself. This controversial topic will be no longer controversial and children will be able to grow up and flourish with no risk of legally being killed.
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