Why Jeff Is Getting Paid Than Some Of The Employees

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The second option would be to increase the pay of the other employee’s to Jeff’s pay. This would be an ethical thing to do, but it is not necessarily the most logical. If John decided to increase their pay, it may help in the short term with increasing morale and getting the employees to work harder, but this could cause some financial issues in the long run. John’s company may not be able to withstand all of these pay increases for a long period of time and some of the employees get pay increases, all of the employees might demand one. The next option John could choose would be to have a discussion and explain why Jeff has a higher pay than some of the other employees. While this is also an ethical option, it may not be the most logical. It would be good for John to have open and honest communication with his employees and explain to them the situation at hand, but even if he explains to them why Jeff is getting paid more they still might not be accepting of his reasons for doing so. It would be likely that they would have more respect for him for communicating with them, but they may still disagree with him. The last option John could implement would be to create some incentives for the workers. John could give more bonuses, promotions or pay increases to workers that are showing drive and good work ethic. This would definitely be a logical thing to do, as it would make the employee’s work for the reward and earn it. But this option does have room to be slightly more ethical in resolving the situation at hand. It gives good incentives but the employees could still be bitter about Jeff even with the possibility of rewards. The most logical and ethical option for John to choose would actually be a combination of having a dis... ... middle of paper ... ... He stated that many of the employees that were upset with the issue were either let go, found different jobs, or were promoted. John believed that his son was well qualified and trained to come back to work the following summer for him anyway. Looking back on the situation John noted that if he had to do it all over again he would most likely do the same thing, although it seemed like a big ordeal at the time, it played out to be not a critical issue. And since then John has actually hired one of his employee’s son’s to work for his company that just graduated from high school. In the scheme of things, John did not exactly find a way to act on his values. It may have been beneficial for him to say why he was paying his son more in order to lessen the hostility that resulted from wage issue. It may have had gained him some respect from the employees if nothing else.

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