Why It 's Risky : Risk Averse

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According to Anne Kreamer in her article, “why it’s risky to be risk-averse” in one of author’s new book, it’s mainly about working risk. The author said that most of us are optimistic or oblivious or both, launching into working lives inadequately (Anne Kreamer). Therefore, they use only plan B and hold on to one job even if the job is only O.K. or even worse. That is because they afraid of risk of lose work if they change their jobs. They hold on to a job that can make them feel safer. Plan B used to be something a rare few embraced at midcareer or, more often, in retirement. But things have changed slowly at first and then radically. While most of us have not adapted to the new normal, people hold a half-dozen jobs from they were 25 to 50s now, according to the Professor. By the author’s researching, she found that more than half of Americans at all levels of the workforce are thinking of not only their jobs but also their careers. But in fact, roughly 50 percentages have no action and brave to change their jobs or careers. People need to add Plan Cs and teen up it again and again...
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