Why Is Welding A Career Essay

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My main career choice is to go to welding school in Tulsa, Oklahoma and get my welding certificate and become a professional welder. Right after high school I will be moving down there for welding school. I’m still deciding if I want to just go for the 7 months just for the welding certificate or if I want to go for 14 months and become a supervisor. I’m really just aiming for that first 7 months of welding school. That’s going to determine whether I go that extra 7 months or not. I choose welding as a main career choice because growing up I have always played with fire and have always loved melting things down. At first I wanted to be a fireman but they put fire out so once I saw that welders melt stuff down I choose that. My momma always told me to choose that as a career since I stayed playing with…show more content…
The recruiter told me Tig welding would be the best choice for me but I don’t know if I’m sure on that. I did a little research on pipe line welding but I couldn’t find too much of noting on the website I was on. The recruiter also told me Tig welding will be the hardest and take the longest to learn. I aren’t even tripping about that though because I know that in order for me to succeed something have to be hard alone the way, nothing comes easy for nobody. The only thing I am honestly worried about is moving way to Oklahoma just to go to welding school. I don’t want to go way down there and get home sick then, I be trying to run back home to my parents or to my home town. I’m debating on whether to try and finding a closer welding school or even a welding school down here in Arkansas. It’s a welding school in Fort Smith, Arkansas also one in Camden, Arkansas. I even heard we had a welding school down here in Jacksonville but I have not seen it yet or found it I even drove around looking for it but I could not find
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