Why Is Washington Irving The Father Of Writing

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Washington Irving Niklas Cathey per.4 Washington Irving was a famous writer during the early 1800s from America. He was known for his humorous writing style and ironic plots and story development. He was one of the creators of the genre American Romantic. Washington Irving is known as the father of American literature. Irving developed a sophisticated yet ironic style while helping establish the American respect in the writing community across Europe and the world. He was one of the first American writers who were respected abroad. Washington Irving was an American author during the 1800’s. He was born in Manhattan, New York on April 3rd, 1783. His parents were Scottish-English immigrants, who moved to America and had 11 children. His parents and many of his brothers were merchants in America. All of his family was middle class works, but they supported him through all his literature dreams and becoming a writer. As a young student Washington was not interested in school. He would leave class often to the theater instead. He studied law and began writing at a young age. He travelled to France and Italy in 1804, there writing colorful journals and letters, then returned to New York City to continue his law studies. He and his brother William Irving wrote the Salmagundi papers, a collection of humorous essays and comic like works. The popular term for Gotham for New York City began from these writings. He first became known for his comic work. In 1809, after the death of his seventeen-year-old fiancée Matilda Hoffman, Irving completed his first major book, “A History of New-York from the Beginning of the World to the End of the Dutch Dynasty,” under one of his fake names-Diedrich Knickerbocker. In 1815, Irving went to En... ... middle of paper ... ...ving also supported for writing as a legitimate career, and argued for stronger laws to protect writers from copyright infringement. Irving truly did believe in the success of being a writer and just that. Washington Irving had a strong connection to European literature. He was a large fan of German folklore and stories. Much of his ideas and inspiration came from this. He used some ideas and technics he learned from these stories like his use of imagery. He uses imagery to paint scenes how a reader would imagine it, without explaining in plain detail. Washington Irving was a very important author to American literature and even to literature across America and Europe. He is credited for creating the fictional short story in America and for being one of the first American Romantic genre authors. Washington irving should be more famous for all his accomplishments

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