Why Is Veganism Is The Most Optimal Lifestyle Because It Is Healthy, Cruelty Free And Environmentally Friendly

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agree. I have come to terms that most vegans are pretty annoying and very dislikable. These vegans are preachy and make it their goal to ruin your day. They make you feel judged and inferior. They tell you how much of a horrible human you are for eating animals, how unhealthy it is to eat animal products and how your consumption of animals destroy the environment. Well, I’m gonna be that vegan today. I’ll be arguing as to why Veganism is the most optimal lifestyle because it is healthy, cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. In her essay “Vegetarianism,” Donna Maurer gives reason as to why people follow a vegetarian diet, “vegetarianism starts with a health motivation”(509). She then goes on saying people are motivated by the physical outcome they’ll receive by going vegetarian. I related this with veganism because most often than not, people go on a vegan diet because they want to lose weight or have flawless skin. Going on a vegan diet does all of these things because eliminating meat, dairy and eggs—which are very high in saturated fats and bad cholesterol— is most rewarding to your body and health. Unfortunately, these are the three main foods the United States consumes regularly. Therefore, it’s no surprise that United States has the highest rate of adult/child obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer etc. These conditions all link back to our diet. Furthermore, cardiovascular disease is the number one leading cause of deaths in the United States. A research done by Physicians Committee has stated that 2,200 Americans die of cardiovascular disease daily. And how does cardiovascular disease start? From eating foods with high sodium, high in cholesterol and saturated fats—meat, eggs and dair... ... middle of paper ... ...ontributing to the greenhouse gases. Overall, there are many other benefits and reasons for going vegan. Many people do it for spirituality, religious beliefs or for their culture. But I believe the best reason to go vegan are for the animals, health and the environment. The animals need be left alone, it’s unnecessary to slaughter and consume them. We get all the nutrition we need from fresh plant-based food —legumes, whole grains, fruits, vegetables. Following a well-planned healthy vegan diet can lower your risk of getting a number of diseases and can be nutritionally beneficial. The meat, dairy and egg industry are very harmful to the environment. They produce more greenhouse gas emission than any other source. But vegans can actually help the environment. As vegans are not buying meat, dairy or eggs, which produces more greenhouse gas emissions than vegan food.

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