Why Is The Treaty Of Versailles Unfair

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The peace treaties were both fair and unfair as the losing side suffered greatly due to the treaties yet it made up for the deaths and destruction caused by the losing nations. The Big 3, USA, Britain, and France, came together in 1919 to discuss how they would prevent another war. The only way they thought this could happen was by punishing Germany and the other losing countries, as Germany was very strong before the war and the Big 3 did not want Germany to be strong enough to start another war. To enforce this the Big 3 wrote up the Treaty of Versailles, which included a loss of Germany’s land and a huge loss of 2/3’s of Hungarian land. Germany, Austria and Hungary were no longer allowed to be alliances, which weakened each empire significantly. Austria-Hungary was no longer an empire and their militaries were greatly decreased. The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk that Germany forced Russia to sign in order for Russia to leave the war was much harsher than the Treaty of Versailles,even though it was cancelled, and many believed that Germany…show more content…
The cruelest part of the treaty was the War Guilt Clause, which forced Germany to take full blame for the entire war. The War Guilt Clause angered and humiliated many of the German people. The main cause of the harshness of the peace treaties was Georges Clemenceau as he wanted revenge and wished for Germany to be punished severely. Germany was also greatly angered that they were not invited to the League of Nations, and were not given the right to negotiate the Treaty of Versailles. This was unjust, but what made the situation worse was France’s invasion of the Ruhr area that took all most of Germany’s resources when she was already bankrupt and falling
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