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As an adolescent growing up in Jamaica I was intrigued by the justice and political system. I would question why many law breakers would be roaming free and so many homeless people were on the streets. I probed the purpose of policies and the justice system after witnessing child abuse, and watching my peers suffer from enduring molestation from family members. On numerous days I obtrusively observed my surroundings just to satisfy my curiosity on how some very impoverished individuals and others with mental health issues survived and solved their everyday life happenings. After emigrating to America in my later adolescence, I was astounded by the increased level of poverty that existed. I also realized that the social policies are not always in the best interest of the more vulnerable populations. As such, when it was time to attend college, I decided to study Social work as a means of gaining knowledge and experience to better understand how policies affect social justice, and impact the lives of minorities and individuals on the lower socio-economic scale. I also wanted to gain the opportunity of being a part of encouraging and creating changes to aid in improving the well-being of the less fortunate…show more content…
Another aspect of interest is to create a better intervention other than an Order of Protection for women who are victims of domestic violence. As such, pursuing graduate studies in Social work is integral in accomplishing this goal. Thus, I strongly believe that my career goals are a compatible match for what the prestigious Masters of Social work program at Simmons School of Social

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