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Have you ever wondered why people push you around, belittle you, or even disown you? Well not many of us nowadays have, but there was one brave women who knew all about it. Her name was Rosa Louise Parks. Going a little deeper to understand her, one would need to look up her early life and childhood, her big movement known as the bus boycott, and her achievements in life, and her death. People know Rosa from her boycott, but there was so much more to her than that. How did the Civil Rights movement begin and what started the fire? Rosa Parks just might have been that spark.
To begin, Rosa Louise Mcauley was born on February 4, 1913 in Tuskegee, Alabama . Her parents were James Mcauley and Leona Edwards. Rosa’s father worked as a carpenter while her mother was a teacher. Due to little wages her and her family were among the lower class of society. Rosa lived her childhood on a farm but was a very sick little girl. Because she was sick so often, Rosa was a very small child. Rosa’s parents split while she was still at a young age so her mother, Leona, decided to move to Pine Level with another family the Edwards, who were former slaves. Even at a young age Rosa was faced with racial discrimination and the Jim Crows Laws. The schools were separate, along with the bathrooms and even buses. She and all the other black children were forced to walk to school apposed to all the white children who were able to ride the bus. Even at this time in her life the Ku Klux Klan were very active in her area. Rosa had remembered a time where her grandfather in Pine Level held a gun on her porch while the KKK walked by .
Rosa loved to learn and even though she went to a one roomed school in Pine Level, her mother was the one who taught Rosa how to re...

... middle of paper ... Gold Medal as well.
In 2005 we lost the fire that started the Civil Rights Movement. October 24, 2005 Rosa had passed away in Detroit Michigan . Besides dying from natural causes, she had suffered from dementia. Even though Rosa had passed no one had stopped recognizing her and what she has done. People from all over came and stood by her coffin in paying their respects to this wonderful women. In honor of Rosa Parks, buses had placed black tie ribbons in the front of all the buses seats. This was to represent Rosa and how she started the Civil Rights Movement.
After one looked up Rosa’s early life, boycott, achievements, and her death, one would know more about her and her life. Because Rosa put forth courage, bravery, and desire, blacks now have the freedom they never thought they could have. And for this, the world is now, and forever will be a better place.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that rosa louise parks was a brave woman who knew all about the civil rights movement.
  • Narrates how rosa louise mcauley was born on february 4, 1913 in tuskegee, alabama. she was a sick little girl and faced racial discrimination and the jim crows laws.
  • Narrates how rosa mccauley attended the industrial school for girls and state teachers college for negros. she married raymond parks, a barber, and joined the national association for the advancement of colored people.
  • Analyzes how rosa parks' bravery towards segregation has changed america for the better.
  • Describes rosa's decision to sit in the neutral section of the bus when a white man told her to move. people were threatening to call the police because she wasn't obeying the laws.
  • Narrates how rosa decided not to move because she was tired of the segregation laws and thought things needed to change. the bus driver asked rosa if she were moving one more time.
  • Narrates how rosa parks was bailed out of jail by president nixon, but people were anxious for justice. women from the women's political council made posters and signs to advertise the boycott.
  • Analyzes how rosa parks' bravery, courage, and desire showed through in her later life and death. the boycott had brought many troubles to her and her husband's life.
  • Narrates how rosa established the "rosa and raymond institute for self-development" after her husband's death. she received a plethora of awards and honors, including the spingarn medal and the presidential medal of freedom.
  • Explains that rosa parks passed away in detroit, michigan, on october 24, 2005. people from all over came and stood by her coffin in honor of her.
  • Opines that rosa put forth courage, bravery, and desire to give blacks the freedom they never thought they could have.
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