Why Is Renewable Energy Protects The Environment?

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Renewable energy protects the environment by proving cleaner energy Pollution affects the water, air, and land which causes damage to different ecosystems. Overusing natural resources and energy consumption is the main cause of pollution. The most common type of pollution is the release of carbon monoxide by the consumption of fossil fuels, which contributes to damage in the environment and ecosystems through global warming. There are different ways to produce the energy necessary to continue with daily routines. Most of the non-renewable energy comes from nuclear energy and fossil fuels which create pollution. Renewable energy does not pollute as non-renewable energy does and is safer for the environment. Renewable energy provides cleaner…show more content…
One of the main reasons is that renewable energy is not available for everyone due to the need of equipment such as solar panels or windmills. Another reason that nonrenewable energy is being used more is that renewable energy is not as reliable as non-renewable energy. Many people prefer to fill up their vehicle with gasoline rather than relying on electric power. The limitations in the accessibility of both different types of energy is overall the main reason why non-renewable energy is the number one source of energy. To produce solar energy, the weather needs to be sunny and unfortunately the weather changes and having a sunny day is not a guarantee. Something else that needs to be taken into consideration is the need for extra investments for energy storage and maintenance (Ramasesha,…show more content…
A consequence of contamination in the environment is global warming. Utilizing natural resources such as fossil fuel contributes to global warming (Nordell, 2003). With the increase in energy consumption for industrial power or transportation, the need of clean energy is needed. A recent World Energy Council study found that without any change in our current practice, the world energy demand in 2020 would be 50-80% higher than the 1990 levels” (Ramos J., & Bashiri N. 2013, p.8). There is even tax and credits available for people to encourage them to use friendly environment vehicles (Venables, 2009). Renewable energy is safer, practical, and creates a boost in the economy. According to Ramos J., & Bashiri N. (2013), renewable energy could “create new jobs for young people, reduce the GHG emissions of CO, CO2, SO2, NOx effluent gas emissions, frame the planet global warming, mitigate climate change and produce clean and safe energy distributed to all human beings” (p.26). Among the reasons of why renewable energy is not utilize as much as non-renewable energy is the reliability, although there is recent research that is trying to improve and provide the forecast for the energy level that could be acquire from the sun and wind such as hybrid methods (Ssekulima, Anwar, Hinai, & El Moursi,

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