Why Is Politics A Waste Of Time?

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For all my life I just didn’t understand politics, now that I’m grown I still don’t see why politics are important for this world we live in. All I know that politics are just a waste of time to me, but that is my opinion; there are several of reasons why I think politics are going to be bad in the future. One of the main things are money being spent on stupid random things when all that money can got to something else. I guess the government is just corrupted as ever but I’m going off topic here. Presidential elections are coming around the corner and I still haven’t vote for anyone yet, all I know is I’m going to vote for the much sensible one anyway (Bernie Sanders) because that person can run the country in peace; unless people want to…show more content…
Why waste all that money to be better than your opponents? Well, the way they get the money are by doing these fundraisers the Democrat and Republican can do anything with that money. Like Charities, or something much more bigly; by doing this it will get them more votes or might get them reelected, that’s great you know, but seeing those charts got me thinking, “with all this money there possibly must be some debt that had to pay right?” of course there is. There is a lot of debt that had to be paid to do these kind of things, so what do I really think about this? It has some positives and negatives. I don’t think it is fair for some voters, but the press will be happy to see things like that or not because some press will think it’ll be boring or something I don’t know why. The amount of money that goes into these things are just ridiculous. But I see why this is so competitive from the candidates view on the 2016…show more content…
One: Why do we even have politics? I can’t answer that question. Two: Why do some Americans hate politics anyway? Well, the government has been in our business for too long that this presidential election is actually killing time. I feel like politicians aren’t even trying anymore. For example, why would anyone elect Donald Trump? The biggest a-hole that exists in this whole universe want to become the president? Because he wants to “Make America Great Again” seriously come on. America is not what is used to be, I don’t see anything great about America. Here what I’m saying; back in the day, America still sucked with all these debts we had to pay in each country and it was a huge big deal. Most people were worried about this and that. Me? I didn’t even care. I didn’t let politics cloud my mind into paranoia like everyone else. That’s why I hardly even watch anything Politics related anymore, because it was just a huge waste of time on my hands. So what I’m trying to say is basically, politics sucks; I don’t want to be align in such conversation, I didn’t even care when Kanye West said he’s going to run for president. Donald Trump is an idiot, but Kanye west is a legit douche. So, why do we still have politics? So the government can do whatever he wants whenever he wants, but that’s why I hate these kind of things that are going on in this
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